Hot Tuna performing at the Knebworth Festival 1976

Q : What are the sizes of the T shirts?
A : The approx sizes of T shirts are as follows: small (S) = 32 to 34 ins, medium (M) = 36-38 ins, large (L) = 40-42ins, extra large (XL) = 44-46ins, extra extra large (XXL) = 48 to 52".

Q : Are the T shirts and sweatshirts of good quality?
A : The T shirts and sweatshirts we use are all of premium quality.

Q : What are the sizes of the posters?
A : The posters, other than where noted on the site are 20" x 30"

Q : Are the posters the same as the originals?
A : The posters, except where noted on the site, are exact facsimiles of the originals. Great care has been taken to match the colours as closely as possible. However, the papers used are of a far higher quality than the originals.

Q : How are the various items packed?
A : The posters are sent in re-enforced cardboard tubes. T shirts and sweatshirts in grey plastic mailing bags and the commemorative set 'Just Broken Even' is packed in a strong cardboard box and is sent guaranteed 'Next Day Delivery' to the U.K. and airmail internationally. Most original items are sent recorded delivery.

Q : Where can I find further information about the various festivals i.e. who played what, where and when etc.?
A :

Go to the links section of our site and click on the 1969 Bath Festival and when the site opens go to bottom of page and click on archives. You will then see a list of all of our festivals.

Q : If I don't want to pay by credit card are there other methods of payment?
A :

You may pay by cheque or money order made out to
Rockmusicmemorabilia.Ltd and sent to Suite40,23 King Street,Cambridge CB11AH. (tel 01954 268088)
 You may also pay by Paypal our address is

Q : Why don't you still sell items from the 1979 Knebworth Led Zeppelin shows?
A : We regret we no longer sell these items as we have sold our interest in Led Zeppelin Knebworth 1979 merchandise to Mythgem, Led Zeppelin's merchandise company.