About Rock Music Memorabilia

In 1998, after leaving university and before facing the harsh realities of the world of work, Henrietta Bannister decided to reproduce items from the various festivals and events organised by her father, Freddy Bannister, between 1969-1979.

Henrietta's aim was to offer second printings of the original posters, reproduced to the highest standard and with great attention to authenticity, all at affordable prices.

The posters are printed in limited editions and are signed and numbered by the promoter as proof of authenticity. In keeping with Freddy Bannister's philosophy of always giving the very best value for money (just look at the admission price on the festival posters!) the price of the items has been kept as low as possible.

The site also offers a wide range of T-shirts and commemorative sets covering all the festivals at Bath, Lincoln and Knebworth between 1969-1978