1969 Bath Blues Festival Poster

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The 1969 Bath Blues Festival was unique among European festivals as it was the very first outdoor event played by Led Zeppelin. Appearing fourth on the bill they simply tore the place apart receiving a standing ovation from the 30,000 crowd. "...there was so much noise that I thought we had a riot going on, I rushed out of the back stage area to find it was nothing more sinister than the climax of Zeppelin's set..." Brian Jones (stage manager).

The complete programme included Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall, Ten Year's After, Led Zeppelin, Nice, Chicken Shack, John Hiseman's Colosseum, Blodwyn Pig, Keef Hartley, Group Therapy, Liverpool Scene, Taste featuring Rory Gallagher, Champion Jack Dupree, Savoy Brown, Clouds, Principal Edward's Magic Theatre, Babylon, Deep Blues Band, Just Before Dawn and D.J. John Peel.

The poster sze is 30" x 20" (76cm x 50cm)