Led Zeppelin - The Who Bath Pavilion

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We have just produced a strictly limited edition of 100 of each of our various festival posters. Each poster is numbered and signed by Wendy and Henrietta Bannistr in memory of Freddy Bannister the promoter of these events/festivals and can include a short dedication if required..

We have recently reproduced this very rare poster for Led Zeppelin's appearance at The Pavilion, Bath on 16th December 1968. This was one of the dates on Led Zeppelin's first ever tour of the UK . In fact, Jeff Beck was booked and advertised and at short notice we received a phone call saying, due to the ill health of Nicky Hopkins, The Jeff Beck Group was unable to appear. However if we wished, the New Yardbirds, now known as Led Zeppelin was available. At that time Peter Grant managed both Jeff Beck and Led Zeppelin.

This 2nd printing poster is produced in a limited edition of 500.

The poster sze is 30" x 20" (76cm x 50cm)