Knebworth Triple Commemorative Set 1974 -76

We have been asked by many of our newsletter subscribers if we would produce a set that combines the first three Knebworth festivals, but without the duplication of the book and additional boxes. Therefore, we have just introduced a combined set at a very reasonable price of only £79.95 instead of £175, which would be the cost if these three sets were purchased separately. 

The new set contains  19 CDs and 4 DVDs plus the Programmes Tickets and Flyers from these 3 events  45 6”x8” photographs  a 330 page Book with a further 8o illustrations 2 passes from the 74 show and 6 gold artist passes from 1976 etc etc all contained in a superb handmade box  Produced in a very limited edition of 100. 
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What the set contains

Price : £ 79.95

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