1978 Genesis Knebworth commemorative set

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The 1978 Genesis Commemorative set is produced in a limited edition of 200 it contains:

The Programme, flyer and ticket from the Ist 1978 Knebworth festival.

12 8”x 6” photos from both the 1978 festivals, with some newly discovered ones of Genesis.

A 330 page book on the behind the scenes hassles of promoting the Knebworth festivals.

Plus as a gift 4 CDs and a DVD. Please Note: The CDs and the DVD are not sold separately

A Festival T-shirt

All contained in a handmade deluxe presentation box

Plus a full size 20"x30" 1978 festival poster designed by David Costa of Wherefore Art

For details please phone 01954 268088 or email:info@rockmusicmemorabilia.com