1970-78 Frank Zappa UK appearances commemorative set


The Frank Zappa commemorative set contains 

The programme ticket and flyer from the 1970  Bath festival of Blues and progressive music

The flyer and programme from Knebworth September 1978

The 330 page book, There Must Be A Better Way, including 85 illustrations, all the backstage gossip and covers Franks European tours of the early seventies when Freddy Bannister was his European representative

15. 6" x 8" photographs from the 1970 and 1978 festivals

The T-shirt from the 1978 Knebworth Festival

The 2 posters from the 1970 Festival of Blues and Progressive Music and the 1978 Knebworth Festival

The Warner Bros sardonic 'Break a leg' survivors form.

 Plus as a gift 8 CDs and 2 DVDs. Please Note: The CDs and the DVDs are not sold separately.

All contained in a handmade deluxe presentation box

Produced in a limited edition of  200

What the set contains

Price : £ 54.95

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