Led Zeppelin Four Poster Set at special price

The Led Zeppelin Four Poster Set
These posters each measuring 30 ins x 20 ins (76 cms x 50 cms) normally sell individually for £11.75 each making a total of £47 plus postage, however, if you purchase the complete set of four the price is reduced, for a limited period, to only £30.00 plus postage
The very rare poster for Led Zeppelin's appearance at The Pavilion Bath on 16th December 1968 was for a date on their very first tour of the UK. In fact Jeff Beck was booked and advertised and at short notice we received a phone call from Peter Grant's office saying Jeff Beck was unable to appear, but if we wished we could have the New Yardsbirds, now known as Led Zeppelin.
The 1969 Bath Blues Festival was the very first European outdoor event Led Zeppelin played  appearing fourth on the bill.
The alternative 1969 festival poster was used to publicise the festival after we received complaints that our other poster, with the semi nude woman was obscene.
For the 1970 festival we decided to use a design which was completely different from the 60's psychedelic designs, which everyone was using at that time. It is printed on brown paper and the design is based on a photo of an early American marching band. We felt, as it was considered to be the best line up ever seen in the UK that we would give equal size billing  for all the bands, to which every manager except Peter Grant agreed.


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