Todd Rundgren Knebworth Commemorative Set


Todd Rundgren performed at 3 of the Knebworth festivals during the seventies. In 1976 and 1979 with his band Utopia and in 1978 he performed with The Tubes on The Kids are Alright as a dedication to Keith Moon, who had died the week of the festival.

The set contains the following:

Programme, flyer and the ticket from 1976 Knebworth festival (designed by Storm of Hipgnosis)

Programme, flyer and the ticket from the 1978 Knebworth festival (designed by Wherefore Art)

12 photos of the 1976 Knebworth festival, including photos of Todd.

330 page book with 85 illustrations describing the behind the scenes hassles of promoting the Knebworth festivals.

Plus as a gift 3 CDs and 1 DVD. Please Note: The CDs  and DVDs are not sold separately.

All contained in a handmade deluxe presentation box

Produced in a limited edition of 200

For details please phone 01954 268088 or

What the set contains

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