New "Definitive" set with 36 CDs and 5 DVDs - only 65 left

 We have produced the Definitive Bath, Knebworth and Lincoln set with even more items and now includes 36 CDs and 5 DVDs, plus additional memorabilia and is produced in a very limited edition of 250. To see what the set contains click here

New larger Bath and Lincoln festival set with 9 CDs ad 2 DVDs.

The 1969-1970-1971 Bath and Lincoln commemorative set is produced in a limited edition of only 250.Featuring what must be the best line ups ever pesented in the UK including: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Fleetwood Mac, The Byrds, Johnny Winter, Santana, Jefferson Airplane - now with 9 CDs and 2 DVDs. To see what the set contains click here

New Knebworth "Total" set with 26 CDs and 4 DVDs.

We have just produced a huge comprehensive set, which as well as 26 CDs and 4 DVDs, includes reproductions of such rare items as a selection of backstage passes, including the complete set of Rolling Stones festival passes etc., recently discovered metal badges from the Stones,Genesis and Frank Zappa festivals, 3 festival T shirts, 75 photographs, 6 full sized posters, programmes, flyers, tickets  from every festival a 300 page book with 80 additional illustrations and the licencing officer's report from the 1976 festival which is both amusing and highly informative. If all these items were purchased separately they would cost well in excess of £200.To see exactly what the set contains click here

New Pink Floyd and Genesis Set

After very quickly, completely selling out of the Pink Floyd Bath and Knebworth commemorative set we have introduced a set which combines both the Pink Floyd and Genesis Knebworth festivals. It is produced in a limited edition of only 250 and can be viewed here


Truly amazing value with 8 CDs and 4 DVDs