Substantial price reduction for overseas buyers

With the pound down in value by over 25% our overseas customers can now buy our commemorative sets at a substantial discount

New Prog Rock Set

Our new progressive rock set includes music and memorabilia from various festivals promoted by Freddy Bannister and covers the period from 1969-1979. It features Pink Floyd, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, The Nice, Frank Zappa, The Tubes, Devo, Captain Beefheart, Colosseum and Todd Rundgren and includes 12 CDs 2 DVDs, 2 T shirts, 3 full size posters, 25 photographs plus various backstage passes, flyers and badges. All contained in a superb specially designed box.To see what it contains click here.

New All-Inclusive Bath, Lincoln and Knebworth Set

This set now contains, as well as 36 CDs and 5 DVDs, signed, numbered and dedicated posters from all the festivals, that would if purchased separately cost £219.95. To see everything the set contains click here


 Our new taster set comes with 3 CDs and a DVD of live music plus an event T-shirt a poster 15 photographs Programme ,ticket and flyer plus passes and a metal badge etc. To see everthing the set contains click here


Truly amazing value with 8 CDs and 4 DVDs